Inspired Minds Art Gallery

Featuring Local Artists

Inspired Minds Art Center is proud to promote the amazing artists who live all around us.  The Inspired Minds Art Gallery, located just off the main lobby entrance, displays and sells artwork created exclusively by local artists - from paintings and sculptures to weavings, paper creations and more!



Gena Destri McGill 
Joy Bliss
Amanda Rainey
Kelly Bonsall
Natalie Medlin
Jen Cronin
Marla Ripperda
Jessica Mason
Lauren Schroeder
Renee Barnes
Jenna Pope

Nathan Miller

During the festival, you wandered along Main Street and experienced the creative process of plein air painters as they painted scenes from Downtown Buda. Now you can see their final pieces on display and for sale in the Inspired Minds Gallery!

[ pleyn-air; French ple-ner ]

  • pertaining to a manner or style of painting developed chiefly in France in the mid-19th century, characterized by the representation of the luminous effects of natural light and atmosphere as contrasted with the artificial light and absence of the sense of air or atmosphere associated with paintings produced in the studio.

  • designating a painting executed out of doors and representing a direct response to the scene or subject in front of the artist.

  • (of a painting) having the qualities of air and natural light.

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