Renee Barnes

Acrylic on Canvas



I believe everyone is captivated by beautiful butterflies.  There are so many species, and their lives are more than interesting to study.  When living in California, each year my friends and I would happily anticipate the butterfly migration. They come from areas west of the Rocky Mountains and south from Oregon and Idaho.  They flock to San Diego where I am from and form huge clusters in the groves close to my house.  If one is fortunate enough to see them in flight, it is nothing short of a miracle.  Enormous bodies of butterflies moving together as one. The first time I witnessed that, I was spellbound.  Each group was probably four or five feet long and three or more feet wide flying together toward an unknown destination. Being privileged to view these beautiful creatures gives one a feeling of embracing something incredibly special and apart from the madness of the human world. 


There are 17,500 species of butterflies worldwide and over  750 in the United States.

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