Kuenberg Niche


“Kuenberg Niche”           

Linda Chido

Oil Paint and Egg Tempera on Gessobord



I chose my painting, “Kuenberg Niche,” for this show for two reasons. The embrace between a mother and her child is forever. It is tender and sweet, sometimes clingy, and sometimes heart wrenchingly painful. The Madonna and Child iconography has always spoken to me and symbolizes the embrace between a mother and her child eternally. My second reason was because I wanted to give an image that speaks to faith. Now, more than ever, it is of paramount importance to embrace our faith - our spiritual faith to guide us, faith that everything is going to be okay, faith in humanity to right history’s wrongs, and the faith a mother holds for the future for her children.


"Creativity is contagious, pass it on" 

~ Albert Einstein




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