Leslie Kell Triptych


“Ease Your Mind Open, I Heard the Sirens Whisper, and Spinning in the Hands of Fate”

Leslie Kell

Photographic Composition, Resin Coated Print on Stained Cradle Board


During this time when it’s difficult to experience a physical hug, it seemed the perfect opportunity to remaster these pieces.


My compositional images are created using an original technique that synthesizes design and photography. The designs for this collection were inspired by the sculptural and figurative works of Henry Moore and Juan Miro. The photographs I’ve chosen for the compositions are a juxtaposition of flowing, reflective waters with rusted and chipped surfaces. The contrast is meant to create a nurturing relationship as if one can balance the other. I’ve used the negative spaces to imply a sense of vulnerability.


It’s as if they were waiting for this moment to share in a virtual embrace! 


Individual pieces $175 each.



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