Pearls of Wisdom in Quarantine


Pearls of Wisdom in Quarantine Jewelry

Corinne Babcock

Wrapped Florite, Silk Thread, Pearls, Glass Beads


From the beginning of the Stay at Home order, I made the decision to make this time an opportunity, not a fearful time.  Each day I did something new with my jewelry to learn or perfect a new skill or method as well as take time to organize.  As it became clear that the quarantine would come to an end, I wanted to design and make a jewelry set in remembrance of this time in everyone’s life where we had time to reflect, be with family and have personal growth.  The Pearls of Wisdom in Quarantine set symbolizes this time – each piece in the set has about 42 pearls.  Each pearl represents a day in quarantine where we were able to embrace the good.  To me, it is a celebration of life, love, and appreciation for each other. 


Pieces also priced separately.    

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