Nathan Miller

Recycled Aluminum 

20" diameter, 3ft tall




I work primarily in trash metal.  I repurpose old metal that has been thrown out or forgotten to speak my mind and try and create something that sparks response.  This piece was melted and formed with old poles from pipe and drape and discarded BBQ trays. 


I like art for its stories.  I can tell one story with a piece, and each person can find dozens of other stories looking at the same piece.


I see this piece, named “Rosa” for Rosa Parks, as a symbol of people finding and shaping their way in the world, creating it and existing in it.  I see the rising aluminum as a population – not black or white or female or trans – just people, embracing Rosa’s gentle act of sitting with dignity and using that powerful and inexorable force to change the world and make it their own.




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