Supply Kit for Introduction to Acrylics

Supply Kit for Introduction to Acrylics


Don't run around town gathering your supplies!  Buy a teacher-approved kit instead! It has everything you need for your Introduction to Acrylics class!  The kit will be ready for you one week before the first class, and will include:


  • Beginner set of acrylic paints including the following colors: Titanium White, Primary Yellow, Primary Red, Phthalo Green, Primary Blue, and Mars Black
  • 10 pack of brushes, and a large 1" wash brush
  • Heavy Weight paper
  • 2-16"x20" canvas
  • Painters tape


The kit will be ready 3 days before the beginning of your class, and you may pick it up at Inspired Minds Art Center.  If you are taking our in-person class, the kit will be waiting for you for your first class day.  If you are taking our online class and require shipping, please allow 7-10 for fulfillment and shipping. 


Students may also buy the above supplies and bring them to class on the first day. 

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