The Great Divide: Reflections of April 2020

The Great Divide: Reflections of April 2020


“The Great Divide: Reflections of April 2020” 

Karen Creswell

Photography on Metal



During this time of quarantine, I was overwhelmed with the feeling of disconnect —
To my children and grandchildren,
To my friends, and 

To my community.
It wasn’t the disconnect of communication, but the absence of human touch and physical presence.
No hugs.
No close conversations.
It was the disconnection of not being in the same social space, not being able to gather together.

It was like a vast river of separation that couldn’t be crossed. 

This image was captured in New Braunfels as I watched a group of family members meet in the park at the river. It was a true reflection and stark reminder of the great divide that we have all faced during this time of pandemic fear. 


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