Two Alike


“Two Alike”  

Marcela Kourkova

Acrylic on Canvas



I chose my artwork, “Two Alike,” for the Embrace Art Show because it is my current work and also because there is always a story behind a painting.


I am lucky to have a little man-made pond in my backyard with water lilies, and every year I get beautiful flowers that make me jump with joy.  I wanted to capture this splendor in an abstract interpretation of a lotus pond crowded with flowers and variations.  I played with shapes and colors.  I painted the two largest flowers as a mirror image giving the painting a sense of movement.  I used spray paint and stencils, and the best part was painting with turquoise color to enhance the feeling of summer. The flowers are different yet the same, or “alike”…just like we are and we are here together to make the world a place that is just simply - better.




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