Jen Cronin

Organic, Acrylic, and Resin in a Birch Wood Frame



This piece is about an accident that inspired curiosity.  With the current atmosphere and time.  I became a little obsessive, and this is the result.


I purchased this plant from a trusted Local Austin Botanical Establishment.  It was going to grow and bloom at midnight, this beautiful white blossom, from this moon flower plant.  I cared for it.  The leaves were enormous, and the stalk grew to over 6’ tall.  I was pleased that it was thriving.  After months, these buds appeared.  The buds were as big as my fist. They were a little thorn-like, but that made them all the more fascinating.


A few weeks later, the buds, close to a dozen at this point, started opening.  They showed a purple puff?  With some investigation, these were not moon flowers but Cardoon Large Thistle.  A weed!


But a fascinating weed.  It smells fantastic.  With more self educating, it’s edible, medicinal, and bees and butterflies adore it.  However, it was not on my HOA approved plant list.  It is an aggressive being and sends out a root system that’s extraordinary, as well as sends seeds on the wind. 


So, here is to the Cardoon.  I Loved you.




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