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Art for All


We've proudly partnered with Tandem Arts Partnership to provide our diverse community with greater access to the arts through targeted programs, community outreach, and financial assistance.

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All Hands In
All Hands In

Every dollar you give will go directly to the Inspired Minds Art Center's Scholarship Fund to provide art instruction for individuals with financial need.


Arts programs impact older adults by improving health, decreasing  depression and loneliness, and increasing participation in other kinds of activities. 

Children coloring

Low-income students who participate in the arts, both in school and after school, have a drop-out rate of just 4% - 5x lower than their peers.

Friends with Special Needs

Not only does art target several learning areas such language, literacy, numeracy, communication, dexterity, it also brings joy and builds high self-esteem.


Tandem Arts Partnership is an inspiring non-profit initiative that seeks to further the mission of Inspired Minds Art Center to make the arts accessible to all members of the community. By uniting the local arts community and targeting those populations in need, the organization is helping to create a vibrant, inclusive atmosphere in Hays County. This type of positive collaboration is essential in order to foster a healthy and dynamic community. We utilize research, experience, and history to bridge the divides between cultural, emotional, linguistic, and socio-economic groups. Collaborating with local artists and arts institutions allows Tandem Arts Partnership to fulfill its commitment to providing accessible and enriching arts programs.

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