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Help us provide art instruction for individuals with financial need.

Please direct inquiries about the scholarship program to

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All Hands In
All Hands In

Every dollar you give will go directly to the Inspired Minds Art Center's Scholarship Fund to provide art instruction for individuals with financial need.


Arts programs impact older adults by improving health, decreasing  depression and loneliness, and increasing participation in other kinds of activities. 

Children coloring

Low-income students who participate in the arts, both in school and after school, have a drop-out rate of just 4% - 5x lower than their peers.

Friends with Special Needs

Not only does art target several learning areas such language, literacy, numeracy, communication, dexterity, it also brings joy and builds high self-esteem.

We need your help...

When you give a gift to Inspired Minds Art Center, you are saying that you support the past, present, and future of your community. You honor Buda’s historic endeavor to celebrate culture and community.


Did you know that Buda was once a hub for the arts and home to a wealth of artists? Decades have passed, but Buda and the surrounding Hays County and South Austin areas are still rich with creative people seeking a higher quality of life.


We’re talking about YOU!


Inspired Minds Art Center is being created for people like you who are driven to:


Try something new

Master something old

Be a lifelong learner

Feel the elation that comes from problem-solving

Reduce stress

Meet like-minded people

Celebrate diversity

Connect our Community Creatively


Inspired Minds Art Center advocates for art and culture, local artists, and the health and wellbeing of diverse people across the span of generations that make up your greater community.


At this time, your generosity will help with the Inspired Minds Art Center Art for All Scholarship Fund to provide art education for people with financial need. We are forever grateful!​


Please note, we are NOT a non-profit, and cannot be used as a tax deduction. 

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