Inspired Minds Art Gallery

Featuring Local Artists

Inspired Minds Art Center is proud to promote the amazing artists who live all around us.  The Inspired Minds Art Gallery, located just off the main lobby entrance, displays and sells artwork created exclusively by local artists - from paintings and sculptures to weavings, paper creations and more!

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April 23rd - June 5th

Be immersed in a world of intricate details, imaginative creatures, and seductive swirls of color. 

Joy Bliss creates paintings that draw you into her uniquely transformative world of color and pattern. She lives right here in Buda, TX with her wonderful family, enjoying the growing sense of community in our town.


Joy is a self-taught artist inspired by Salvador Dali [1904-1989] and Alphonse Mucha [1860-1939]. The passion she feels for art is seen through the ethereal wonderment of her work.


Her art celebrates life and nature in a way that will inspire you to view things around you just a little differently. Her eclectic style ranges from the surreal to the serene, from the fantastical to the abstract, and is crafted with a careful eye for detail while positively bursting with vibrant colors.


Using primarily acrylic paints for her creations, she loves to explore new techniques and mediums. She is always searching for new ways of expressing herself to push the boundaries of her art. 



Instagram: joyblissart

Get lost in the details, and float away on waves of color into fantastical dreamscapes!