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The Amster Twins: Brief Biographies of Susan & Stephanie Amster

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Susan Frederica Amster. EdD

Susan Amster is totally dedicated to promoting the value of art in our everyday life. Throughout life, she has constantly enjoyed and encouraged creative problem solving in any life situation or creative endeavor, and she emphasizes, promotes and practices involvements in the arts that are significant, challenging, motivating, and inspirational.

Susan started formal art training in 6th grade a the University of Texas Junior Art Project in oil painting under Kelly Fearing. She earned a B.S. and M.S. in Painting and Drawing, and then she continued on to attain her Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction showing the significance of art in teaching the entire curriculum and networking the various arts into a comprehensive arts curriculum. She was active in the Peace Studies Program at Illinois State University and was later named Chairman of the Art Department at Illinois State University. Susan's philosophy of art and education places emphasis on and incorporates thinking skills, global implications, and the conceptual significance of problem solving.

Susan has traveled extensively to broaden her visual exposure, potential artistic exposure, influence, and expression. She was accepted into and has presented in numerous juried exhibitions in several states and France, and she presented annually in faculty shows at Illinois State University. She participated in Humanities Institute sponsored by the National Endowment of the Humanities and completed and installed a commemorative commission for the Public Library which related the Dewey Decimal System and global connections. Her work has been displayed at the National Aesthetic Education Learning Center at the Kennedy Center.

"Art is the root; life is the flower" - James Roose-Evans

Stephanie Hermina Amster, MFA

Like her sister Susan, Stephanie Amster was an artist and educator of great distinction earning a Master of Fine Art in Studio Art. She taught in the New York and Midland Public School, at the University of Texas, and at the University of Illinois where she established, developed, and taught beginning, intermediate and advanced computer graphics classes. Her artwork has been on exhibit at the Lee Nordness Gallery, New York and in an array of galleries throughout Texas.

Stephanie was passionate about travel and created many opportunities to travel abroad throughout her life. As an educator, she established a study abroad program in Florence, Italy where she taught art classes.

One of Stephanie's greatest loves was the Renaissance Art Festival in Illinois that she conceived and directed for 18 years. Other accomplishments include designing and constructing grand wood installations for Illinois State University (as seen in the image), Outstanding Woman of Distinction in the Arts, The World Who’s Who of Women, and the creation of an ongoing art scholarship established for the Illinois State University.

Stephanie was a member of the National College Art Association of America, the American Craft Guild, and the National Art Education Association.

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