Inspired Minds Art Center would like to thank the following donors for their generous gifts!  Your support means the world to us, and we are honored to celebrate your sponsorship! 

The Michaelangelo

$5,000 Gift

The Frida Kahlo

$2,500 Gift

The Georgia O'Keefe

$1,000 Gift

The Ansel Adams

$500 Gift

Mr. Bob Elder
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The Salvador Dali

$100 Gift

Bunny & Jim Parr
Cathy Maxwell
Wendy & Don Messerschmidt
Nancy & Larry Keiser
Lisa Costigan
Sandra & Carlton Yarbrough
Buda Mill & Grain Co.
Michelle Sonala
Denise Hernandez
Blythe McGuffee
The Budaful Hiker

Thank you to the following Sponsors...

Dianne Miller

Kim Harrington-Delgado

Laura Rivera

Lillie Alcala - Helen's Casa Alde

Sara Tellez

Brooke Poluch

Diedra Mireles

Erica Howie

Michelle Savala

Ruthie Ontiveras

Christin Cooke

Justice Hospitality

Assemblage Contemporary Craftsman Gallery

Headway Health

Natural Tribute

Lux Limo

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