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Well, hello there!

Congratulations! You've used the NFC keychain to get to this hidden page on our website! On this page, you'll learn how to reprogram the keychain so that it links to your artist website or virtual business card. It's a really handy way to build your contacts list without passing out business cards. You know where paper business cards end up...right?

Plein Air-20.jpg

Gerald Kurten

First, meet artist, entrepreneur, and humanitarian, Gerald Kurten. Gerald created and gifted you this beautiful glass keychain! In addition to creating glass art with his business Whippoorwill Dreams, he's also the President of the San Marcos Art League and a huge supporter of Inspired Minds Art Center. We have a unified vision of the future of arts in Hays County, and big, beautiful things are in store! When you see Gerald at the festival, be sure to thank him for all of the time and effort he puts into supporting local arts.

Image by Emily Morter

NFC Instructions

When Gerald asked us to gift these keychains to you, he wanted a lot of information to go with them. But, there's not enough space on a paper tag! Thus, NFC! See how much info we're able to include on this web page? Sinéad uses NFC to bring people to her virtual business card. Take a look!

Ready to get started?

  1. Go to your App Store on your phone

  2. Download "NFC Tools" or another NFC Read/Write App

  3. Select "Write" on the menu bar

  4. Select "Add a record"

  5. Select "URL/URI"

  6. Input your URL

  7. Select "OK'

  8. Select "Write"

  9. Hold the phone close to the NFC tag

  10. Done!

  11. Test the NFC tag by exiting out of the app and holding the keychain to the back of your phone

Still need help figuring out this NFC  thing?

That's completely normal! Email Sinéad - she has a techie teenager who knows it all!

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