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Inspired Minds Art Center is proud to promote the amazing artists who live all around us.  The award-winning Inspired Minds Art Gallery, located just off the main lobby entrance, displays and sells artwork created exclusively by local artists - from paintings and sculptures to weavings, paper creations and more!

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Richard Samuel

Exhibit Dates: July 1 - August 13

Opening Reception: July 1, 6:00-8:00pm

Inspired Minds Gallery

Our 2022 Buda Art Brawl Champion, Richard Samuel, brings his must-see solo exhibit entitled "Till Death Give Us Art" to the Inspired Minds Gallery on July 1st.


Richard is a Central Texas native whose paintings can be found in his own Downtown Austin gallery, RichesArt Gallery, and in collections around the world.


"His college football skills allowed him to play for teams in Europe, enabling him to travel to many countries. He's been to Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Czech Republic, Bosnia, Austria, Greece, and Germany. In these countries he experienced the landscape, history, art and culture first hand. Focusing on the sensual nature of art, he loves to create colorful, eclectic, and realistic watercolor paintings." -


Claim a piece for your own collection! The exhibit will be open through August 13.

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Michelle Wilson

Exhibit Dates: July 1 - August 13

Opening Reception: July 1, 6:00-8:00pm

Please join in celebrating our 2022 Buda Art Brawl - 2nd Place Brawler, Michelle Wilson, who is a local watercolor artist based out of San Marcos, Texas.


"There’s a strange beauty that exists within strife. Michelle draws upon the tumultuous mix of pain and pride that colors the events of her life...Michelle’s art is less about healing but more about living with scars, learning to accept the beauty in her damaged self, and embracing the brokenness in emotional trauma and mental illness. Moving past the need to repair damage, she recognizes the fact that she will never be the same.  One can say it’s more of a coming to terms with the beauty in the inevitable changing of self.  You will see  Michelle’s passion for philosophy and how it has deepened her understanding of  the joy and pain of love and loss, and the beautiful scars those leave behind."



Michelle's artwork will be on exhibit in the Chambers Theatre Foyer at Inspired Minds Art Center from July 1 - August 13.

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"Art is the root; life is the flower."
- James Roose-Evans

Click here to learn more about:

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"My hope/goal is that our art collection be donated to aid in the furtherance of quality art involvement to enrich the lives of the future"
- Susan Amster

To support arts education and contribute to arts enrichment for years to come, Susan and Stephanie Amster have donated their personal collection of over 150 valuable artworks acquired over the past 65 years that have been created by artists from around the globe. The stunning, eclectic artwork fills our gallery and spills over into the corridors!


Notable works include pieces by:

  • Susan Amster

  • Stephanie Amster

  • Paul Kelpe

  • Harold Gregor

  • Jerry Seagle

  • Nick Dante Vaccaro

  • Ray George

  • Kelly Fearing

  • Robert W. Milliken

  • and more!


This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enhance your own art collection while positively impacting the lives of others by financing their creative futures.


The proceeds from sales fund arts education programs for the community and jump-start the future 501c3 non-profit arm of Inspired Minds Art Center.

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