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Inspired Minds Art Center is proud to promote the amazing artists who live all around us.  The Inspired Minds Art Gallery, located just off the main lobby entrance, displays and sells artwork created exclusively by local artists - from paintings and sculptures to weavings, paper creations and more!

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    During a time when each of us asks ourselves what we can do to help, to comfort, to support our community, art is a powerful tool for communication. It asks questions, digs deep, interprets, reflects, and speaks when words are not enough.


    Inspired Minds Gallery put out an open call for artwork to area artists with a focus on those who have joined together to form the Buda Area Artists Collective. We've called on artists to fill the gallery with interpretations of "Embrace" - a term that means so many things and seems extremely poignant right now.


    The exhibit amplifies the voices of our community, inspires dialogue, and is a place to ask questions, to reflect, and to search for answers.

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